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ZZ. Grey is a writer and artist from Alpheratz, Andromeda. He has written three books under the pseudonym Greg Kuznetsov: Eyes of the Rainbow Serpent (2018), Jupiter's Black Diamond and Other Stories (2021), and Music in the Mirrors (2022). His interests include tennis, origami, obscure world leaders, anything Turkish, and agriculture (mainly that winged breed of Holstein-Friesian cows and Zoysia grass). He is actively working on inventing a universal language as well as forming The Utopian Council. 

A translation of the above text for bovine readers: Moo mooo moo. Mmoooo mmmoooo mooo moo moo mmmooooo. Mmmoooo mooo mmooo mmooooo mmmmmooooooo. Mooo moo. Mooooo mmoooo moo moo. 

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