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Coming Soon: Music in the Mirrors - 2022

Music in the Mirrors is the full length novel that is the culmination of the events set in Jupiter's Black Diamond. It's a three act saga spanning the birth and death of the universe, including an enormous cast of eccentric characters and their adventures into strange new worlds. The following is a general description of the first act:

"The man in the mirrors desires the Tree in the middle of the desert more than anything else. His pursuit of it has spiralled the 5,857 worlds out of balance. Among those marbles is Narrm (colloquially known as Melbourne), with the majority of its residents being brainwashed with purple lemonade manufactured by their new mayor, Odell Yim, who acts on behalf of the CVS (what this organization's acronym stands for remains a mystery). If not from the drink, they've gone mad or disappeared after peering into the mirrors littering the streets.

The few who've kept their wits so far include Coki, a wandering disc jockey on the lookout for his muse, which is certainly not the annoying visitor under his eyelids. Celebrity singer Janet Jouffret is somehow immune to the purple lemonade and uses her newfound anonymity to uncover its source. The reclusive Professor Lambert must come out of his shell to track down his runaway baboon, who also happens to possess the only fingers nimble enough to play an enchanted horse fiddle that may get the city out of its predicament. Magog, formerly an abandoned shelter greyhound, gathers an army of stray dogs left behind by their dimwitted owners and soon becomes known as their Dog King.

A snowy owl residing in the Void is amused by all this, and interrupts any plan with his collection of tricks and riddles. Further out in a distant red desert, a vulture shaman falls in love with a corpse, while a white elephant merchant goes on a hunger strike against God in hopes of transforming into a Homo sapien.

The Blowfish watches all of these leaves dancing in the winds with his many eyes."

Music in the Mirrors will be unveiled on Earth sometime in the year 2022.

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