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Eyes of the Rainbow Serpent: A New Edition

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Once known as being the host of the hit show Reptile Hunter, Dr. Robert Forrest is now a nearly retired teacher at a small university after a tragic incident. When one of his rival colleagues returns from an expedition with news of newfound evidence for the mythical rainbow serpent's existence, Robert decides to join his research team on an all-out expedition for the rainbow serpent in Deeragun, only to uncover a vast conspiracy. As he faces betrayal, death, as well as the truth about his past, Robert must traverse the Australian Outback and figure out what is real and what is a part of his insanity in order to realize his true destiny and confront the eyes of the rainbow serpent.

Buy it on Amazon as an ebook or a paperback:

This is an edited second edition of a book I first published back in 2018.

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