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MUSIC IN THE MIRRORS is an epic saga split into three acts. ACT TWO: JUPITER'S WHALE takes Coki, Janet, Iggy, and the other previous characters across multiple surreal landscapes, including a red desert inhabited by shifty shadows and scavengers, Irene the living island with bamboo and baboons as her hair and an awakening volcano as her mouth, and an impossibly tall array of mountains guarded by the bitter hand of Winter. Al Mongo, an albino elephant merchant obsessed with becoming a Homo sapien, Ulan the vulture shaman, Chimbai the drumming baboon and his rival Ox, the Fingerstick tribe born from Zoysia's grass, Budoncher the marmot hunter, and Batakk-Ma the primordial crocodile responsible for guarding the River that runs through all of the 5,857 worlds, are among the cast that are key to this narrative.

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