• Greg K

The Life and Times of Jebediah

Updated: May 14, 2021

I am the one-eyed Bedlamite

born of the wolfhound from Ulster

from the east end of the Kennel

I keep my lonesome watch;

as they cull the residuum,

save the runt of the elected litter

Since the gnawssacre Jebediah’s gone astray; my one appellation

to the two-eyed I am full lupine,

stained with battle scars;

as their echoes whimper to my cardinal direction

In the widowed junction, the Augur read my paws

Three-Eyes has communed; keeper of my fate alone

Under the stars I see where mutts have flown free,

when Lorraine once spoke my sobriquet,

only when Betelgeuse explodes,

the Trinitarian said to me.

I am margin on the page,

the pacific rim,

the stock always avoid the fringe.

Rat hole, rat hole, I command your speech;

show me anew

the echoes of battle cries,

the foundations of my scars,

take along my brothers in wild lineage;

hear them not in waves of the abyss,

for no one yet can call my Truth

even the Rat

can come and go

without counsel

I am a bargain,

black tooth or not

you’re to hearken my most able whisper

from the east end, where mis-miscreants lay

once hungry for freedom from the reins,

for the compass showing us the lush,

the primitive, the savage ways

deep from the Earth that calls us by our moniker

My name is Jebediah

You’re not to call me different

'else the others see the Truth:

I am Rubedo

Video Narration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd3FRV-umZg

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